Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lighting Evaluation

My group composed of Mira Eng-gotez, Tiffany Garber, Ben Adams and myself chose to evaluate the Critique Room and these were our findings:

While observing this room all parties experienced confusion and uneasiness due to lack of focal point. Because of the large skylight the room was completely washed out, allowing the occupant to have a dull perception of the room. The space contains too much overhead lighting and not enough spot lighting. The little contrast of white walls and light wood contribute to the dullness of the room.

We all feel the function of the space was not sufficiently addressed during the initial design process. The space would function better as a student lounge, or casual work space. Some possible lighting solutions would include some sort of electronic shade barrier on the ceiling or more spot lighting for wall presentations. Even some sort of contrasting permanent boards to present projects on would allow the room to feel more like it has a specific purpose, and would allow the occupants to feel more comfortable in the space.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

light inspirations

"The Light Drop" created by Rafael Morgan is very unique. These lights are meant to look as if they are "dropping" out of a faucet which actually functions as a light dimmer. Very creative.

These SystemX Interlocking Fluorescent lights could become very popular. They were created as another option to fluorescent lighting, because as we all know fluorescent lights are not the most glamorous lights ever. I think this is a great idea and yes, they look very cool.
This Flight 815 lamp was designed by Cedric Ragot. It was inspired by the TV show "Lost" and is meant to resemble a light painting. I love the way the light reflects off the winding tube and creates lots of contrasts between the inside and outside edges.

I find the lighting in many Degas paintings intriguing. He paints in a way that creates such a mood. There are always areas of light and dark, but nothing is ever to harsh. I love this painting because of the way the ballerina looks so calm and peaceful because of the light he has given her.